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When Pigs Fly


 Great Quality Artisan Bread Combined With Unique Flavors to Create
a Craveable Experience

Fresh Nature


Truly Farm to Table bringing you great tasting, interesting and good for you products made with Green Chickpeas 

Monsoon Kitchen


  Indian Meals, Appetizers and Sauces made 

with time and care to deliver 

authentic taste

Eat'n Good


Comfort Food Reimagined
for Today’s Consumer

Great taste – Better for You

Maryland Packaging


Innovative, Entrepreneurial Co-Packer  who can bring your 

Fresh Food ideas to Life

When Pigs Fly Artisan Bread


Making Bread Fun Again

When Ron Siegel started his bread bakery his family told him that they thought it would be successful "When Pigs Fly" – he started it anyway.  

25 years later, the bakery continues to thrive and delight thousands of customers every week who purchase their artisan bread from their own company stores and retailers throughout New England.  

The secret to their bread is the old-world techniques that they use combined with the innovative, modern flavors they create.  

The blend delivers breads that are both memorable and craveable.  

Starting in 2020 we will now be able to offer a range of our breads nationwide.  Quickly frozen directly after baking and shipped to you.  Available in Pullman, Boule and Roll formats, 

When Pigs Fly breads will bring consumers back to bread.

When Pigs Fly Products

Monsoon Kitchen


Authentic Indian Cuisine – At Home Convenience

 Indian food is one of the top 5 flavor profiles in the US today with growing interest particularly with consumers under 35.  

Monsoon Kitchen’s products reflect the quality and flavors that Swati Elavia, Monsoon Kitchen's founder, knew growing up.    

Each of her products have been developed to bring convenience to Indian cuisine without sacrificing the quality and taste that made you crave them in the first place.    

Monsoon Kitchen Products

Fresh Nature


Farm To Table Never Tasted So Good

Fresh has a new flavor and Fresh Nature foods is in the forefront by bringing fresh, young green chickpeas to markets around the world!  As a family-owned agricultural company dating back four generations in the beautiful rolling hills of the Pacific Northwest, Fresh Nature is the first company in the world to grow, harvest and supply iqf shelled green chickpeas making this once seasonal delicacy available year-round.

Young green chickpeas are a non-gmo, gluten and allergen-free plant-based protein.  As the newest super-food to hit the market, our wide variety of green chickpea products truly are what’s new in fresh.

We strive toward sensible and sound food production.  We are advocates for reducing chemical dependency and believe in helping plants grow as “naturally” as possible.  We implement strict limitations for all pesticides and have  zero tolerance for any harmful insecticide usage. 

Fresh Nature Products

Hummus & Dips


 Fresh wins every time.  That’s why our green hummus begins with our home-grown fresh green chickpeas, picked at their peak and puréed into a creamy texture to create this simple variation on hummus. Bright, fresh and full of flavor, our green hummus is not tan, it’s naturally sweet, not bland and makes a one-of-a-kind not-so traditional experience.  We are sure it will leave your taste buds satisfied and your cravings quenched.   AVAILABLE IN 5 FLAVORS: CLASSIC, FALAFEL, ROASTED GARLIC, JALAPEÑO and FIESTAMOLE (Mock Guac)  

Green Chick Peas


 Fresh Nature Green Chickpeas utilize sustainable farming practices and are harvested without the use of insecticides.  Our green chickpeas are picked fresh from the vine and rushed from the field to be washed,   blanched and flash frozen, Green Chickpeas offer a nutrition-packed, versatile new addition to any home kitchen.  Try adding green chickpeas to your favorite recipes.  Unique and flavorful, versatile and convenient, green chickpeas have many uses that any family will love!     


Falafel Cakes


 Our veggie cakes start with the amazingly fresh flavor of our green chickpeas combined with classic herbs and spices to make this one-of-a-kind option.  

Hand prepared and pan-seared means no frying in unhealthy oils, no saturated or trans fats, just fresh-tasting, healthy goodness flavored to perfection.  Easy to prepare and versatile to use from wraps to sandwiches, appetizers to afternoon snacks.    


Snack Packs


Looking for a healthy snack option that offers a little more bite than chips and dip? 

Look no further than our green chickpea veggie cakes and dip packs. A healthy, balanced snack that has the flavor to excite the taste buds and the substance to fill the belly. A low calorie, plant-based protein-packed snack for those on the go.

•Vegan •Low Calorie Snack 


Eat'n Good


Comfort Food Re-imagined for Today's Consumer

It all started in a kitchen in Maine, preparing for a large gathering of friends and family for the last Lobster Feast of the season. On the stove sat a large pot of Corn Chowder. Slowing simmering, chock full of local sweet corn, fresh Maine potatoes' and seasoned with a “healthy” amount of rendered bacon.

But this was not a traditional New England Corn Chowder. For in that pot of savory goodness, lay a secret that only the chef knew, that this recipe was both dairy and gluten free. Designed so that the entire family could indulge.

It was not till after the meal was over that the secret was revealed – to universal surprise - no one knew. So began the journey of bringing Eat’n Good foods to market. Converting that original recipe to one that can be made in volume and still deliver the original taste, texture and pleasure we got the first time we tried it on a porch in Maine.

Today we are bringing to market those initial soups as well as a range of fresh prepared meals, savory sides and d that are designed with today's consumer in mind. Guaranteed to delight consumers taste buds while also delivering convenience and value. 

Eat'n Good



Creating a new tradition.  Lactose Free/

Gluten-Free Chowders and Soups that are guaranteed to delight everyone.

Eat'n Good Products


Maryland Packaging

Maryland Packaging Started in 1985 with a simple mission - to be the best food co-packing partner that we could be. We have come along way since then, but I know that we have achieved that initial goal. 

We have accomplished that by consistently delivering top notch Innovation, strong Culinary skills and by investing in the Manufacturing Processes that help convert our customers ideas into commercially viable products. Today we have the capability to package products in Single Serve Pouches all the way up to bulk Food Service Bags. With our state of the art equipment, which allows us to choose the best method to deliver the quality and consistency that you need, we can produce products ranging from Sauces, Dips, Soups, Beverages (hot, cold or acidified), Smoothies, Fresh Baby Food and RTE Meals (skin packaged and HPP) all under one roof

I invite you to come see us, meet the team and let us show you how we can create a successful partnership that will allow you to create an deliver innovative, engaging food for your customers without having to worry about the manufacturing side of the equation. 

Marwan Moheyeldien, CEO

Maryland Packaging

Maryland Packaging



Fresh Soups are showing considerable YOY growth as customers look for more interesting flavors.  

Available in Retail Ready packaging as well as Food Service.

Entrees & Sides


 Meals and Side solutions that deliver consumer-tested, quality and value.   All of our meals a Cold Pressure Processed in order to maintain flavor,texture and appearance for 30-60 days.   

Dips & Sauces


 Drawing inspiration from flavors around the world, our unique dips are sure to delight the taste buds.  Available in 

single serve sachets (1 to 5 oz.) 

or pots (6 to 16 oz.) 

About Us

Stephen Young


Over 30 years of experience starting, building and leading food manufacturing companies in the Seafood, Deli, CPG and Fresh Prepared Food Channels.

Extensive contacts with fresh food manufacturers throughout North America

Tara Davis


 Over 20 years of experience developing and commercializing products for use in retail, food service and institutions. 

Tara lives and breathes all things food-related and maintains a pulse on current and emerging food trends.

Working With Manufacturers to Bring Your Product to Life


There has never been a better time to introduce fresh food products to the market.

MeFoodGuy can help you get your product to market. Depending where you are in the process, there are multiple ways for us to work together.

Full Engagement

We can work with your team to create a range of products, successfully convert them from concept to commercial products and finally work with our contacts in both retail and food service to get product placement.
Together we would define the Scope, Time and KPI’s as well as the compensation model. 

Project Specific

Joining your team to tackle a specific issue is also an option.
Once we understand the nature of the engagement, we can develop a proposal that would include the Scope, Target Completion and KPI’s

Market Introduction

You have the product ready to go and simply need help introducing it to the market. We can help you here as well, working with you on commission, to successfully get your product in front of key retail and food service decision makers. 

Partnering with your entire organization..



 Creating New Products is Easy.

Creating New Products that meet a need for your target consumer, while at the same time meeting your need for cost, margin and
volume is not.

We have over 30 years experience successfully bringing new products to
market that drive sales and profitability.

We work collaboratively with the team to implement a well defined
development process that results in
products that meet the needs of the
consumer, your retail/foodservice partner and the company.

Product Design


  30,000 New Products are introduced to the retail market every year. 

To differentiate yourself you need to design a product that is both attractive (to get your customers attention) and functional (so that it meets their needs)

We work with packaging experts both locally and from around the world to find the right packaging solution for each product,

utilizing the packaging to engage
consumers and define the
Unique Selling Point 

Pricing Strategy


There is a fine balance that needs to be achieved when pricing a new product. 

All three stakeholders
(Manufacturer, Retailer and Consumer)
need to be satisfied in order to deliver success. 

We work with the Finance, Operations and NPD to develop product pricing guidelines which then inform the development process. 

The result is the efficient and timely development of
products that meet expectations and
optimized for success.

From Inception to Launch



A Great Product can easily become a Poor product when the transfer from
Development to Manufacturing
is not done well.

Having worked with fresh and frozen food manufacturers to deliver both large
and small projects we can
successfully lead you through this transition.

Working with Operations to insure that they are ready to deliver quality consistent with the original product design.

Creating ongoing panels to insure that the product maintains its
USP moving forward.

Market Intelligence


How do we differentiate your new product from the other 30,000 new products?
How do we make sure that you succeed?

We actively secure information on consumer trends and market intelligence from various sources, including IRI, Hartman Group, FMI, Technomics and
Industry Thought Leaders to
insure that the products that we
introduce are timely, fill a current
consumer need and through flavor
and presentation will be a
compelling offer for both the
retail partner
and the consumer. 

Business Development


Building Strategic Alliances with Retailers, QSR’s and Institutions that understand the need for strong partnerships with your company provides long term value to both their shareholders and consumers.

Over the course of our careers we have developed long term, deep relationships
with top retailers food service operators in the US.

Utilizing these connections we can get your
product in front of potential partners
who will drive
long term sales and
profit growth.

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Better yet, give us a call.

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